Baby boy Asher and his infectious smile, Family Photographer Philadelphia PA

When Rebecca contacted me about taking photos of her baby boy, she said the magic words: she wanted to capture him at this age before he got bigger, got older, kept changing. Because these babies of ours do grow up so quickly, don’t they? I swear I put mine down for a nap, and by the time they get up they’ve grown another inch, or gained a whole new understanding of their world. But I digress!

I had such a lovely time with Asher, capturing all of the special things that make up who he is at six months old. Chewing on everything, especially mom’s fingers and his own toes. Learning to sit up, thinking about starting to crawl. That amazing look of wonder at everything around him, and of course that fantastic, infectious smile. Our morning together consisted of some tummy time on the floor, lots of tickling with mom and dad in the big bed, and a big red and white egg chair that had been around long enough to earn a special place in the family.

I hope these will help to freeze time a little for mom and dad, and to get to see Asher grow up and discover even more amazing things about him.

Six month old baby boy tummy timeLet’s be honest, the epic drool in this photo is the best part, right? And I love the tummy time, for mom and dad 😉
These photos just say “motherhood” to me. Not in the Hallmark kind of way, but in the unsung, let them chew on our fingers, pull our hair, love them anyway kind of way.
Six month old baby boy giggles and smilesThis boy and his big gorgeous eyes…
Six month old baby boy laughing and tickling with mom and dadAnd of course, that amazing smile!
Six month old baby boy snuggles with mom and dadSix month old baby boy chewing on his toesToes in the mouth, where they should be.
Little boy in a big, red, egg chair.
Doesn’t mama look like something out of a Renaissance painting here?
Six month old baby boy with daddyDaddy kissing those yummy baby rolls. Nothing better.
Six month old baby boy nursing and kisses from mommyThese are the moments that are so fleeting.
Thank you, Asher, for sharing your beautiful smile with me today.

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