Baruch’s Brit Milah, Newborn Photographer Philadelphia PA

Before having a son, I’d been to quite a few brit milahs and always thought they were beautiful, love-filled celebrations. I still feel that way, but this was my first since having a bris for our baby boy less than a year ago. And let me tell you, I was a mess! I couldn’t stop crying pretty much from the day before until several hours after it was over, the bagels had all been eaten, and Tobin was sleeping soundly upstairs. The experience definitely made me a lot more sensitive to how the parents might feel during the ceremony; I mean, the baby at least gets to be drunk and sleep it off!

I was so honored when Natalie asked me to capture the special moments of her son’s bris.  I arrived half expecting to provide comfort for the new mama, but found Natalie to be the perfect picture of a serene new mom holding her sweet little boy. She and Jose were so calm and happy the whole time, reveling in the amazing amounts of love and support that surrounded them during this blessed celebration of their new pride and joy. And then, of course, there were bagels 😉

Newborn Photographer Philadelphia PA brit milah bris proud momPINIMAGE

PINIMAGEPINIMAGENewborn Photographer Philadelphia PA brit milah Howard GlantzPINIMAGEPINIMAGEI love this part of the ceremony, where the baby is passed from one set of loving arms to the next. Watching Baruch being placed into his aunt’s waiting arms, I was struck with how immediately one feels love for this tiny person. This baby that we’ve only had a few moments to get to know, and yet how completely they’ve become part of the family already.
Newborn Photographer Philadelphia PA brit milah bris godparentsPINIMAGEAmazing godparents already.
PINIMAGEWe should all be so lucky to have the generations before us ready to guide and protect us.
PINIMAGECantor Howard Glantz led a lovely ceremony, and even had some new bris jokes I hadn’t heard before 😉
PINIMAGENo matter how calm and serene mom is, you still can’t look.
PINIMAGENewborn Photographer Philadelphia PA brit milah bris proud momPINIMAGEBack in mom’s arms before you know it.
PINIMAGEPINIMAGEHome baked bread for the motzi, and now to the party!
Newborn Photographer Philadelphia PA brit milah brisPINIMAGENewborn Photographer Philadelphia PA baby feet flaky skinPINIMAGEOh how I love the tiny flaky newborn feet! Wrapped in mom’s arms, and a blanket that grandma made by hand.
PINIMAGELook at that smooshy face, can’t blame auntie for giving so many kisses.
PINIMAGEThe new family of three!
PINIMAGEBabies noticing other babies is always so funny! What must they think?
Newborn Photographer Philadelphia PA brit milah bris proud dadPINIMAGEProud papas and sweet looks for baby.
PINIMAGEGrandmas have a special magic, this is one lucky little boy.
PINIMAGEPINIMAGECongratulations Natalie and Jose! Looking forward to seeing you enjoy your beautiful Baruch Eli!

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