Welcome baby Lanigan, Newborn Photographer Philadelphia PA

Remember Betsy and Chris from a few weeks ago? Meet their sweet little girl, Lanigan! 10 days young, umbilical chord stump still hanging on, and the sweeteset little tuft of red hair. And a great, big yawn 😉
You can tell she’s going to be gorgeous just like her mama.
newborn family photography Philadelphia PAQuickly becoming their new favorite spot…
newborn family photography Philadelphia PAYou know what never gets old? Seeing that look of wonder on a new dad’s face. And how much he’s doing to love looking back at these photos and seeing how tiny his little girl was, and how completely relaxed she was cradled in his arms.
newborn family photography Philadelphia PAThis series of images were favorites, and they decided to combine them into a gorgeous canvas for their wall. I love the amount of love and tenderness being shared between these three, not to mention the appearance of that tiny little tongue in the last shot.
newborn family photography Philadelphia PAThese two have such an amazing connection. And of course big sister Bingo was not going to be left out.
newborn family photography Philadelphia PAnewborn family photography Philadelphia PAOh, to know what babies dream about…
So many tiny details to preserve: the perfect heart-shaped lips, fuzzy baby hair, and of course the feet! We put these four images together to be hung on the wall together, freezing time before she starts growing into a beautiful little girl.
newborn family photography Philadelphia PAThe smushy baby rolls have already started.
Honestly, I think the one on the right is one of my favorites ever. I love a little attitude in a 10 day old 😉
newborn family photography Philadelphia PADad is already a “swaddling pro”, so of course I had to see his new found skills in action.
First family portrait with both babies. I can tell Bingo is going to take really good care of her new human.
newborn family photography Philadelphia PAIt was so wonderful to get to share in these incredibly exciting couple of weeks with Betsy and Chris. That I got to create their maternity and newborn photos within a few weeks of each other made it that much more special, and I can’t wait to see Lanigan continue to grow.

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