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Every once in a while I’ll have a new mom who is a little camera shy,  and I always encourage her to think about how she felt looking at photos of her mother and grandmother. Imagine your daughter or son holding an album of photos from when you were pregnant with them, from those first moments of motherhood after they were born.

But then maybe it’s the dad that needs a little convincing, sometimes even more so! Why is it that men can be so hesitant about getting in the picture? Well, in honor of Father’s Day, I’m here to tell you fellas: You need to be in pictures for your kids too! Oh my goodness, the feeling of seeing my dad in those photo albums, becoming a dad for the first, or second or third, time! It’s so precious. If you’re one of those dads who’s not sure about doing a maternity shoot, or being in the newborn photos, take a look at some of these amazing father – child moments, picture yourself in them, or even imagine what it would be like to be missing from them.  Everyone else, just enjoy these amazingly sweet daddy moments 😉

Philadelphia PA family photographer phillies hats for dad and son Fitler Square ParkThese are a few that this family got printed nice and big to hang on the living room wall. This kid is going to feel so good about himself, seeing these awesome moments with dad every day in such a place of honor.
Philadelphia PA family photographer nose tweaks father and son Fitler Square ParkPhiladelphia PA family photographer toddler son laughs with dad Fairmount Park Horticultural CenterThis kid had such a sweet connection with his dad, and you can tell dad is totally in love with being a father.
Philadelphia PA maternity photographer Azalea Gardens Art Museum Fairmount ParkIt’s not often that we focus on dad during a pregnancy, but the support of a loving partner is such a key part of the process. This guy actually requested a shot of him kissing the belly, and I was more than happy to oblige!
Philadelphia PA maternity photographer Cianfrani ParkAnd it’s always important to take some time to treasure the connection the two of you have. After all, that’s what started it all rolling!
Philadelphia PA newborn photographer baby daughter swaddled by dadThis dad was a self-proclaimed swaddling master! And look how tiny his baby girl looks in his arms. You know these are getting taken out when she graduates, goes to prom, gets married… Has babies of her own.
Philadelphia PA newborn photographer baby daughter snuggles with dadThat look. So many things are said in that look from dad to baby.
Philadelphia PA newborn photographer baby son snuggles with dadSo much strength in so much love.
Philadelphia PA newborn photographer baby daughter kisses from dadSo you see, there’s nothing like it. Parents, partners, mothers, fathers, everyone who is part of supporting this new tiny life, bringing it into the world and helping it to grow and thrive. You all need to be in the picture so that this little person can look back and see how much love was around them from the very beginning. [stepping down from soap box now]

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