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I have never been happier than in the last several years that I’ve spent photographing families all over Philadelphia. And I so often hear “oh, you must have so many gorgeous photos of your own kids”! While I do, I don’t have as many of our regular, every day moments. Those are the ones that I keep in my heart, wish I could replicate, and make these days with my little ones seem like they’re flying by. So, every month I’m going to be sharing a little day in the life of my own beautifully chaotic family. I didn’t even clean up before shooting, I just picked up my camera in the morning and kept an eye out for those little moments I know I’ll want to remember when they’re grown.

Nothing is posed, nothing is perfect, everything is perfectly us.

Case in point, a typical weekend morning in my house involves my daughter having a meltdown about something while my son is oblivious and eating pancakes.
dad comforts daughter having a tantrum while baby boy eats breakfast family photographer philadelphia paLately they’ve been playing together really nicely though, even if just for a few minutes at a time.
sister and brother play togetehr in the living room family photographer philadelphia paThis particular weekend happened to be when the big Blizzard Jonas of 2016 hit Philadelphia, so we were all snowed in together and I couldn’t have been happier about it. My busy season is the Fall, my husband’s is the Winter, so it’s a special treat when we’re all together with nothing to do and no where to go. We even had time to prepare a nice big meal.

My daughter loves to help me cook, and peeling garlic is one of her favorite tasks. She’s so meticulous; it’s not the fastest way about it, but I love watching her figure things out. Plus I had time to admire that crazy yoga parsnip in a lotus pose!
daughter helps mom cook and peel garlic family photographer philadelphia paAnd what was my son doing in the mean time? Eating. It’s to assume that he’s pretty much always eating. And he’s figuring out how to use a fork, but that doesn’t mean that fingers and elbows don’t get involved, so it’s super cute to watch him go at it. And yes, some of it inevitably ends up in his amazing mane of hair.
baby boy eats pasta and meatballs practicing with a fork family photographer philadelphia paMy husband spontaneously took this shot of me in the kitchen. The fact that it’s out of focus actually makes it feel totally real to me, because a lot of my day goes by in a blur, doing too much at the same time, thinking of a dozen things at once. And I love this little moment between my kids; he so often has that exasperated look on his face when she’s being crazy. But their arms are on each other, and he’s even playing with her foot, and it’s those little details that I love the most.
mom cooks in the kitchen while daughter and son play family photographer philadelphia paWe’re not a family that loves to be cold and wet, but we had put it off long enough and it was time to go out into the snow. I think she was having another meltdown about something, so dad stepped in again, while my little boy just kept saying “outside” over and over.
father daughter and son look out the window at the snow blizzard family photographer philadelphia pababy boy experiences snow for the first time family photographer philadelphia patoddler girl helps dad shovel snow family photographer philadelphia patoddler girl helps dad shovel snow family photographer philadelphia paShoveling done, time to snuggle up and get warm.
father and daughter snuggle under a blanket on the couch family photographer philadelphia pamother and son laughing and snuggling in front of window Family documentary photographer philadelphia pamother and daughter laughing and snuggling in front of window Family documentary photographer philadelphia pafather and son laughing and snuggling on the couch family photographer philadelphia paAnd finally, bedtime. He’s going through a phase right now where he just wants you to hold him while he nuzzles into your neck, and it’s so tempting to stay like that forever as his warm little body relaxes into your arms. And she’s come up with a specific number of hugs and kisses that she requires before she can go to sleep, and I’m more than happy to oblige.
mom and dad saying goodnight to daughter and son for bedtime family documentary photographer philadelphia paSo there you have it, a snowy day with my family. The days are long and the years are short, but I’m trying my best to be present and enjoy these long days while we have them.

If you have days full of beautifully imperfect moments that you want to remember and hold close, please be in touch, I’d love to hear about them.

I’ve joined forces with a bunch of other photographers in the area who are all going to be turning their cameras inward and sharing some of the real moments of their families. Check out another “This Is Us” here, and make sure to read through to find a link to the next photographer’s story =)

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