Big sister Nora meets baby brother Nathan – Philadelphia PA Family Documentary Photographer

I met Mana and Josh when Nora was just a baby. Getting to see her now as a big sister was so wonderful! Mana wasn’t sure how Nora would take to becoming Nora a big sister. She was a little nervous about how she would handle the new role, and was concerned that she would feel replaced or neglected, and all of the other silly thoughts that we all have before adding another little one to the family. But she was thrilled to have a little brother, and when I arrived at this family’s light-filled apartment I could tell there was no shortage of love to go around! 

This spunky sweetheart has taken being a big sister in stride. She hopped right up on the couch next to mommy to feed her baby when it was time for Nathan to get a bottle, tagged along for his diaper change (and an outfit to match dad’s), and couldn’t wait for the chance to hold and snuggle her new little brother. And baby Nathan makes it easy to fall in love with him! He was all smiles during our session, calm and happy just looking around and getting love and kisses from everyone. Even furry big sister Bailey was adjusting just fine, with the help of a few treats of course.
Toddler daughter gives her baby doll a bottle while mom gives baby brother a bottle - Philadelphia Family Documentary PhotographerBaby son's tiny feet in mom's lap - Philadelphia Family Documentary PhotographerMom changes newborn son on changing table while he looks straight at the camera - Philadelphia Family Documentary PhotographyNewborn boy makes faces at the camera, sticks his tongue out and smiles - Philadelphia Family Documentary PhotographyBig sister plays in her room - Philadelphia Family Documentary PhotographerDad gives daughter a hug and a kiss while mom holds baby brother giving him a bottle and giving him a kiss - Philadelphia Family Documentary PhotographerToddler girl gets hugs and tickles from dad - Philadelphia Family Documentary PhotographerDad holds and kisses newborn son who smiles at him - Philadelphia Family Documentary PhotographyToddler girl gives her dog cheese for a treat as a reward for giving her his paw, dog licks his lips waiting for the food - Philadelphia Family Documentary PhotographerToddler sister lies on the rug with baby brother with her arm around her shoulder both looking at the camera and smiling_Rachel UE Photo Philadelphia PA family photographerToddler girl peeks out from behind the couch, sucking her thumb and then smiling, gorgeous eyes_Rachel UE Photo Philadelphia PA family photographyBrother and sister sitting on the couch comparing their tiny feet_Rachel UE Photo Philadelphia PA family photographFamily of four posing for the camera, mom dad toddler daughter and baby son_Rachel UE Photo Philadelphia PA family photographYup, I think this family is going to be just fine. I can’t wait to see how Nora and Nathan grow together. Mana and Josh told me they can’t wait to show their kids this moment when they became brother and sister and all the love in their family. 

What are the little moments in your family’s life that you want to remember forever and show your children when they’re grown? Be in touch to tell me your family’s story, I can’t wait to hear it =) 

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