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One of the best things about doing a photo session for a brand new family is that I don’t always know what we’re going to get. Will the house be small or huge (usually the former)? Are the kids going to be shy or rambunctious? (Usually the latter, and if they start off shy I win them over 😉 )  One thing I do know is that we’ll have a lot of fun, share some laughs, and that I’ll end up taking my favorite photos ever, until the next time!

This family lives in an amazing little house in a historic area of Philadelphia; tons of character and lots of details still intact from its Colonial origins. Big sister Evie stole the spotlight right away, jumping on the couch and laughing up a storm mere seconds after I’d walked in the door. And baby sister Eliza was content to snuggle in dad’s arms while mom and Evie had an epic tickle. Evie was so interested in everything to do with her baby sister, she wanted to watch the diaper change and had lots of questions while mom nursed on the couch. She also had to show me the gorgeous tulips they had growing out front, and I got to witness her impressive skills at Memory. 

Then it was out back for some of the cutest gardening you’ve ever seen. Toddlers have such amazing enthusiasm when they get to try a new task, and Evie was really focused on watering those flowers, even if the water ended up mostly coming out of the wrong end of the watering can. Mom and dad each got to steal a few quiet moments with baby, and when Eliza got upset Evie was right there to give her comfort and kisses. Snuggled together on the big bed upstairs, the kisses kept coming, and we even had a John Lennon Yoko Ono moment that was completely unposed and will go down as one of my favorites.

Big sister gets tickled by mom on the couch, Philadelphia PA Family PhotographerPINIMAGEBaby girl snuggles in close to dad, Philadelphia PA Newborn PhotographerPINIMAGEToddler daughter watches while mom changes baby sisterPINIMAGEMother comforts baby girl, Philadelphia PA Newborn PhotographerPINIMAGEFather tosses toddler daughter onto the couch while mother nurses baby daughter, Philadelphia PA Newborn PhotographerPINIMAGEFather and daughter smell the tulips out front of the house, Philadelphia PA Family PhotographerPINIMAGEFamily plays memory game while mother breastfeeds newborn, toddler gets excited when she gets a match, Philadelphia PA Family PhotographerPINIMAGEMother breastfeeds new baby girl, toddler daughter watches and husbands gives support, Philadelphia PA Breastfeeding PhotographerPINIMAGEMother comforts new baby daughter while toddler daughter watches, Philadelphia PA Newborn PhotographerPINIMAGEFather helps daughter put her shoes on to go play in the backyard, Philadelphia PA Family PhotographerPINIMAGEDad waters the flowers with toddler daughter using watering cans, filling them from the hose spicket in the backyard, Philadelphia PA Family PhotographerPINIMAGEMom waters the flowers with toddler daughter with watering cans, a rainbow shining through, Philadelphia PA Family PhotographerPINIMAGEDad has a quiet moment with his new baby daughter, Philadelphia PA Newborn PhotographerPINIMAGEDad holds baby daughter on his lap while she yawns, mom and toddler daughter water the plants in the backyard, Philadelphia PA Family PhotographerPINIMAGEFamily of four poses in the backyard with their two daughters, big sister gives crying baby sister a kiss, Philadelphia PA Family PhotographerPINIMAGEFamily of four poses in the backyard with their two daughters, Philadelphia PA Family PhotographerPINIMAGEBaby girl peers over momPINIMAGEBig sister gives baby sister a kiss while she sits on dadPINIMAGEBig sister holds baby sister on the bed and gives her kisses while she yawns and makes faces, Philadelphia PA Newborn PhotographerPINIMAGETwo sisters pose together on the bed, toddler and newborn, Philadelphia PA Family PhotographerPINIMAGEFamily of four pose on the bed together, mom and dad tickle toddler daughter and then steal a quiet kiss while their two girls look at the camera, Philadelphia PA Family PhotographerPINIMAGEMom and dad hold new baby girl, laugh and watch toddler daughter jump on the bed, Philadelphia PA Family PhotographerPINIMAGEBaby girl sleeps wrapped in a blanket on mom and dadPINIMAGEMother holds her newborn daughter as toddler daughter comes in for a hug, Philadelphia PA Newborn PhotographerPINIMAGEBaby girl looks up at her mother with big blue eyes before falling asleep on her shoulder, Philadelphia PA Newborn PhotographyPINIMAGEMom gets a quiet moment to snuggle her new baby girl and has a big laugh, Philadelphia PA Family PhotographyPINIMAGEBig sister waves goodbye from the door with mom and baby sister in the background, Philadelphia PA Family PhotographerPINIMAGEThis family was so relaxed and fun, and our session together was filled with so many of those little moments that I’m always talking about. They go by so quickly but make those early days with your babies the ones you never want to forget. We had so much fun together, and even as I was getting into my car to leave I spotted Evie standing in the doorway to say goodbye and couldn’t resist getting one more photo! 


If you have memories that you want me to preserve for you through beautiful photographs like these, please be in touch to tell me about them!

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  • Jolanda - Rachel! I don’t know you, and I don’t think you know my sister that well, yet you seem to have captured her family perfectly! You caught little Evelyn’s spirit and my sister’s joy and my brother in law’s enthusiastic playfulness. I LOVE these pictures ❤️❤️ReplyCancel

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