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Lately I’ve had a lot of newborn sessions for babies who are joining families with older siblings in them already. I love the energy of having older kids in the picture, but there is nothing like the calm and quiet of a house with just a mommy, daddy and brand new little baby in it. I arrived at Jaci and Ben’s place to find them cuddling sweet baby Alice, with big sister pup Bailey watching over them. Snuggled up on the couch, they marveled at her tiny fingers and toes, and how nicely she fit on mom’s and dad’s laps. I remember holding my daughter on my legs like that, and now I look at her and wonder if she was ever that small!

Jaci and Ben showed me the nursery, and we took advantage of the beautiful window light for some family portraits. I’m always talking about how adults will mimic the faces babies make, often without realizing it. Ben demonstrated beautifully when Alice took a nice big yawn and he copied her expression perfectly. It was such a perfect snapshot of their personality and sense of humor, it ended up being his favorite image from the whole session and they got a beautiful metal print of it for the hallway.

Then it was on to the big bed, and Bailey got to join in for a few photos and got a few wet kisses in for her newborn sister. Alice was starting to get a little tired and cranky as we got a few solo shots of her on the bed, and Jaci leaned in to comfort her. It was such a classic motherhood moment. Those times when the baby is crying, and you might not know why, but you instinctively know that they’ll find comfort from your touch. It was so beautiful, and once Alice was safely on mama’s chest and wrapped in her arms, she was happy as ever.

Father holds baby daughter's tiny feet in his hands, and mother holds daughter on her lap and smiles at her, Philadelphia PA newborn photographyNewborn baby girl on dad's lap and mom's lap looking angelic and a little devilish, Philadelphia PA baby photographerNewborn baby girl on mom's lap holding her parents' fingers looking so small and sweet, Philadelphia PA baby photographerBaby girl looks at the camera while dad holds her hand and smiles at her, and both parents look in on her in the crib, Philadelphia PA newborn photographerMom and dad hold baby girl by the nursery window smiling and making funny yawn faces with her, Philadelphia PA newborn photographerMother holds smiling newborn daughter, and baby gets a big wet lick kiss from the dog, Philadelphia PA baby photographerBaby girl poses on parents' bed spread in the natural window light, Philadelphia PA newborn photographerMother gives daughter a kiss and comfort when baby begins to cry, Philadelphia PA newborn photographyMother gives daughter a kiss and comfort when baby begins to cry, Philadelphia PA newborn photographMother holds daughter who smiles and relaxes in her mom's arms, Philadelphia PA newborn photographyNew mother and father smile at their baby girl, Mother gives daughter a kiss and comfort when baby begins to cry, Philadelphia PA newborn photographyWhen you’re a brand new parent, you can’t totally realize how precious those early days and weeks really are, and how quiet the house really is with a tiny newborn who sleeps as much as they do. I was so happy to capture these moments for Jaci and Ben, and I hope they treasure these as Alice grows.

If you would like to freeze time for your family, be in touch and tell me all about the moments you want to remember forever <3 

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