Autumn Portraits in Fitler Square, Philadelphia PA Family Photographer

A toddler is a special type of person, and if you’ve raised one you know exactly what I’m talking about. Starting to come into their own identity, exploring all of their boundaries and yours, and discovering so many amazing things at once that any moment might just be too much to handle. Nora was no exception. This amazing little woman has so much personality it’s almost hard to keep up, but that’s not surprising considering she has such wonderful parents.  Ben and Marissa invited me into their home when Nora was just a few weeks old to capture those moments of their new family with a newborn. And even though I’ve seen them many times since then, it’s still hard to believe that this tiny baby is now this spirited toddler!

The weather and the gorgeous Autumn sunlight were just perfect for portraits in Fitler Square. At first Nora was having a “toddler moment”, and started with little tears running down her cheeks, but quickly perked up when she realized we were going to be running around the park together. I made sure mom and dad had at least a brief quiet moment for a few photos of just the two of them, but Nora jumped right back in to steal the show again. When she was finished, she took Marissa’s hand and started leading us out of the park, and had a few more adorable faces for me before heading home.

Mom, dad and toddler girl all laugh together in the beautiful autumn sunlight, Philadelphia PA family photographer

Toddler girl is tickled, laughs, and runs away from daddy, Philadelphia PA family photographerMom and dad tickle and laugh with toddler daughter in the beautiful autumn light, Philadelphia PA family photographerDad tosses toddler daughter in the air as mom watches and they all laugh, Philadelphia PA family photographyMom and dad pose for a group photo with toddler daughter, Philadelphia PA family photographyMom and dad get a quiet moment to have their portrait taken in the gorgeous autumn sunlight, Philadelphia PA family photographer

Toddler girl cries and nuzzles into her mom for comfort, Philadelphia PA family photographer

Toddler girl snuggles up to her mama for comfort, Philadelphia PA family photographyToddler girl looks right at the camera for a portrait and laughs with her daddy, Philadelphia PA family photographyFamily of three walks out of the park together but toddler girl just wants to hold mom's hand so dad makes a joke, Philadelphia PA family photographyToddler girl is shy and clings to mom's legs for comfort, and holds mommy's hand, Philadelphia PA family photographerToddler girl holds mommy's hand walking down the street, Philadelphia PA family photographerToddler girl makes a funny face walking down the street with her mommy and daddy, Philadelphia PA family photographI am so excited to watch Nora continue to grow and discover even more of her incredible personality. I have a feeling she’ll have some really interesting things to tell us once she gets a few more words!

If you would like for me to create beautiful photographs of this special time for your family, please be in touch, I can’t wait to hear from you!


Rachel Utain-Evans is a Philadelphia, PA photographer specializing in natural, loving, joyful newborn, maternity, family, breastfeeding and birth photography. Serving the Greater Philadelphia area.

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