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After three pregnancies, I’ve at least figured out a few things. Maybe not how to get enough sleep, but definitely who to turn to when I’m aching and need some self-care. These folks are my most-referred when my students and clients ask for advice. I have either used their services, worked with them, or know them personally, so let them know I sent you and that I say "hi!"


Kara Szumski, Healing with Ease

Kara is pure magic and just a really lovely person. I started going to Kara after my daughter was born, my hormones were out of control, my hair was falling out and my skin was a mess. The whole family goes to her now for basically everything from stress, aches and pains, allergies, you name it.


Mama’s Wellness Joint

Paige was my inspiration for wanting to teach prenatal yoga in the first place, and her studio is a dream. Prenatal classes every day, plus “regular” classes for all ages. Come say hi!

Doulas & Birth Classes

Philly Doulaville - Heather, Heather, and Keli

Jordyn Makar

Christine Golcher

Heidi Lengel

Noelle Sengsourinh of Magnolia Moon Birth

Brittany McCollum of Blossoming Bellies

All of these ladies are wonderful in their unique ways, as any good doula should be! I highly recommend contacting as many as you like until you find someone who really fits with you and your partner.


Justin Ohm, Ohm Chiropractic

I had symphysis pubis dysfunction during my second pregnancy and Justin helped so much. My husband and I have both been going to him ever since. He is affectionately known as the pregnant lady whisperer (okay, maybe just by me ;), is wonderful, knowledgeable and works with the whole family from birth on up.


Sarah Hummel

Sarah is a fellow teacher at Mama’s and an amazing massage therapist. My massages with her were the first time I’d ever left knowing more about how my body was working and with tips of things to try at home.